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Three years of Immortal Fool by ~Cammiluna

Three years ago today the first page of this crappy-looking Mario villains webcomic went up on deviantart, and this is the longest I have ever done a webcomic for. I know updates have been generally rocky in the past year, but its thanks to you guys, my friends and readers, for keeping me motivated to continue this silly little story and I do plan to see it to the end, no matter how long it takes.

Thanks for reading! I have to update hiex this weekend because i spent half a week on this drawing, so the next page will come next week at its (presently) usual Friday schedule.

New to Immortal Fool? Catching up? Why is Naval Piranha a Beanish?
DA Archive is here: [link]
First Page via DA is here: [link]
And if you don’t like reading comics on DA, here is the Comicfury archive: [link]

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